The lockup stage is a major milestone when building a house. Once the external doors are on and your windows are in and it allows for internal appliances and fixtures (e.g. light fixtures, taps etc.) to be installed.

If you are building a new home we recommend that you engage a building inspector to complete a new home lock up stage inspection. Our inspectors service all of NSW with office locations in Sydney, North Sydney, Bathurst, Parramatta and Newcastle.

The lock up stage inspection is the third of four stage inspections offered by our organisation:

  1. Pre Slab Stage Inspection Sydney
  2. Frame Stage Inspection
  3. Lockup Inspection
  4. Completion Inspection (Handover / PCI)

In summary the inspection will cover off the following:

  • Confirm that any outstanding Frame Inspection issues have been properly rectified,
  • Check the roof, eaves, fascia & gutter,
  • Check all wall frames to ensure they're plumb, straight and square,
  • If brickwork is complete, thoroughly check for quality and adherence to standards,
  • Check that the services rough in works have not damaged the frames,
  • Ensure that all wall insulation has been properly installed, and
  • Check that the internal carpentry has been properly completed, without defects.

  • We liaise with agents, vendors and property managers for access to a property.
  • The lockup stage inspection report in Sydney is completed out in accordance with AS4349. 1-2007.
  • Lockup stage building Inspection Reports are completed digitally and emailed in PDF format within 24 hours of inspection.

Sample Report

You can download a New Home Lockup Stage (Preplastere / Waterproofing) Inspection sample report from the link below.

* Raw photos of your inspection with embedded Geotag and date/time are also available with the report ON DEMAND

Lock up (Pre Plaster - Waterproofing) Stage Inspection Cost