Building and pest inspections can help safeguard property buyers against investing in fault-ridden properties, as the reports reveal any hidden problems a property may have. The results can give investors peace of mind, with the knowledge that what they're buying isn't going to collapse around them.

iSPECT Building Inspections Sydney will provide you with a building inspection report that contains a description of the property and the materials used in the construction of the building.

The report will comment on structural damage, conditions conducive to structural damage, as well as any defect in the condition of secondary and finishing elements to an exisitng property. The report will also highlight any areas that our qualified building inspector in was unable to access on the day of the property inspection. The building inspection reports used in Sydney contain photographs of defects and areas of concern that the inspector has noticed during the building inspection.

Building Inspection Report Details

Building inspection in Sydney NSW comprise a visual inspection to accessible areas of the property to determine the structural integrity and to identify any major structural defects, including:

  • External Walls;
  • Sub-Floor Space where applicable;
  • Roof Exterior;
  • Internal Walls;
  • Floors;
  • Roof Space;
  • Patios and Pergolas;
  • Retaining Walls.


  • We liaise with agents, vendors and property managers for access to a property.
  • The building inspection report in Sydney is completed out in accordance with AS4349. 1-2007.
  • Building and Pest Inspection Reports are completed digitally and emailed in PDF format within 24 hours of inspection.

Sample Report

You can download a Building Inspection sample report from the link below.

* Raw photos of your inspection with embedded Geotag and date/time are also available with the report ON DEMAND

Building Inspection Cost

Combined Building and Pest Inspection Cost